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Road Map

The current version is 1.1. It is considered an alpha-quality release.
The following items are on the roadmap, roughly sorted by priority:

  • go through each standard method and object and make sure the implementation actually works
  • optimize handling of javascript numbers and strings by using php types instead of js_val objects whenever appropriate

    Once that's done, there's always more stuff on the wishlist:
  • make sure exceptions can't crash the php engine. that means stop using call_user_func*()
  • implement regular expressions. Not a big deal, except for the regexp literals.
  • add support for unicode strings. Not very hard either.
  • add support for unicode identifiers. A bit trickier as it requires the lexer to be unicode aware.
  • add optional support for eval() and Function(). not a big deal if the parser is reasonably speedy.
  • ...
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