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Getting Started

After reading this page, you should be able to start using J4P5 for your own PHP projects.

(This assumes you already have php 5 installed and working on your system.)

  1. Unzip J4P5 somewhere under your web document tree. This should create a directory called "js" in the location you picked.
  2. Create a new php file in the same location, for example "test.php"
  3. Copy the following into the file:
    include "js/js.php";

    $script = <<<EOD

    print("Hello from JavaScript<br>");



  4. Save your file, and load it in your browser.
  • The parser is extremely slow at this point. My Athlon 64 3200+ takes 4 full seconds of CPU time to parse anything.
  • the interpreter attempts to speed up the script execution by caching compiled scripts in a temporary directory.
  • You should now be ready to jump to the reference documentation. Too bad we don't have any yet.
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